More than beautification or even mere self-expression, the act of putting on makeup has come to symbolize as an individual’s process of preparation for meeting and encountering the outside world. Writer, Courtney Summers, describes makeup or cosmetics as a form of “armor”. Its application provides the face with a sense of mask, shield, or even security that often signifies orderliness and presentability, thus making a person appear “primed”, “ready”, and “acceptable” enough to engage with the public space—whether for the purpose of labor or other specialized, consumerist occasions.

However, in the event of a global lockdown, the prevalent use of face masks, and a world economy at a drastic decline brought upon by the pandemic, the cosmetics—which was once deemed as customary and essential in our daily routine to meet with the public space—has now been relegated as virtually useless and nonessential. What now becomes of cosmetics? Furthermore, what now becomes of the face, the body, or the person as a whole, as it slowly loses the routine to prepare one’s ornamental exterior meant for the external world which is now in crisis?

Focusing on the word “cosmetics” which derives from the Greek word, kosmos, meaning “order”, a performance exercise is envisioned as an attempt in putting things in order, in harmony, in the balance, in perspective, in universe and in beauty—especially at a time when we are grappling with the world’s existing disorder.


[KOSMOS] is an ongoing, online, collaborative performance piece that interrogates and re-examines the meaning, purpose, and use of makeup—not only in relation to the present-day crisis, but also in respect to cosmetics’ role and place in history. Recognizing the gradual loss of cosmetics’ routined, industrial existence in our current daily living, Kosmos seeks to re-evaluate cosmetics’ varied past and evolution, ruminate on its original divine intent and function, and re-imagine a usage, preparation, and ritual that is geared towards a more inward journey rather than an outward one.


Concept & Direction:

Jenny Logico-Cruz


Producer & Sounds:

Blonski Cruz

Additional Sounds: 
JA Sarmogenes

Jacqueline Garcia                                     Blonski Cruz

JA Sarmogenes                                        Gaya dela Rosa

Lawyn Cruz                                               Joel Garcia
Alekxandra Toyhacao                              Nikkita Sacha

Alex Reloj                                                  Sarina Narida



[KOSMOS] will be running its shows twice a month from March to June 2021. The performance schedule will be as follows: March 13, 27, April 10, 24, May 8, 15, June 5 & 19—all at 8PM via Zoom. 

If you are interested to watch the show live in Zoom, you need to make a reservation to ensure a slot in LPT’s Zoom room. The fee to watch [KOSMOS] live is Php 100 only. Please follow the instructions below to secure your slot:

  1. Pay Php 100 to watch the show live on Zoom. Payment options:

    • • BPI: Langgam Performance Troupe Inc.

      • Account Number: 4330-0349-85

    • • GCash: 0917-5481985 (Jenny Cruz)

    • • PayPal (for international):

  2. Send deposit slip to

    • Please include in the subject of your email:

    • [KOSMOS]- (date of the performance you are reserving)

  3. Wait for our email of confirmation which includes the Zoom room details.

The live show of [KOSMOS] in Zoom will also be followed by an Aftershow Talk entitled, “Finding Belongingness in the Remote”, at 9pm. You will have the opportunity to chat with the artists behind [KOSMOS] regarding the project’s dramaturgical and collaborative process given the restrictions and obstacles shaped by our current pandemic.

For additional information, please go to LPT’s FB PageInstagram, and official website. You may also send your inquiries to