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Plug & Play

Photo Credit: Kit Singson

Poster Credit: Angel Frades

The New Group is at it again. In the continuing saga of the controversial theater company, they have created their next invention called the PLUG & PLAY. Designed for the purpose of performance research, it is a special plug that has the ability to record and capture any play, production, or event and replay them in vivid 4D. While the technology perfectly allows both theater artists and audiences to relive their favorite productions, some actors soon realize that certain memories are better left in the past. 

PLUG & PLAY was part of the 2019 Theater Bytes Festival hosted by The Ikarus Theater Collaborative. 

Research & Development Period: August -September  2019

Performance Period: September -October 2019

Venue: DITO: Bahay ng Sining

Director: Joel Garcia

Writers: Joel Garcia & Marya Dela Torre

Choreographer: Marya & Kul Dela Torre

Production Manager: Jay Crisostomo

Lighting Designer: James Vic Allen Pangan

Marketing Consultant: Kit Singson


Opaline Santos

Ahlex Leyva

Marya Dela Torre

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