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Module 1- The Personal Spectacle: A Solo Performance Workshop

Calling on creative professionals, artists from different fields, and anyone interested to join our acting workshop series designed to enhance your creativity onstage and off.

The Personal Spectacle, set on November 10, 17, 24, and December 1, 2018, is geared specifically for solo performances. This module is ideal for actors, performance artists, Spoken Word artists, and those who work in the creative world.

The P4,000.00 workshop fee includes four (4) Saturdays or sessions at four (4) hours per session for a grand total of 16 hours of learning, and a Certificate of Participation.

Ms. Jenny Logico-Cruz is the workshop facilitator.

Workshop proper would be held at the Langgam headquarters at 37C T. Bautista, AFPOVAI II, Western Bicutan, Taguig City. For more information on the Personal Spectacle, please contact us at (0917) 548-1985,, or visit our website:


The solo performer is no stranger in theater history. In nearly all cultures, theater began with only a single body commanding the performance platform. S/he was the storyteller, the priest, the shaman, the guru, the singing nomad; and s/he performed the story in her/his own terms. As civilizations developed and societies became more extensive and systematic, the structure of theater also evolved and extended from a single body to a corporation of bodies and ideas.

Solo performance still exists, of course, but mostly in the periphery as it is widely viewed as an incomplete experience (for both performer and spectator)—especially in a world where “belonging to a group” matters the most; where theater is more popularly regarded as a collective practice rather than a solitary one, with a director or producer or playwright at the top of the organization who not only facilitates the creative process, but also establishes an artistic hierarchy and control of authorship.

And because theater is a collaborative yet hierarchical art, aesthetic and practice are typically formulized and formalized—if only to establish a general model that can be agreed by most, if not all, theater practitioners. This is advantageous that it encourages a space of shared ideas where a group of individuals are trained to think and pulsate as one. And yet, it is also disadvantageous because collective thinking can often compromise and thwart independent thinking.

Thus leaving us with a question: How does one realize and execute his/her own distinct style and voice in performance when the world has preference for organized, monopolized, and predictable theater?

The Personal Spectacle is more than a mere introduction and workshop to the art of solo performance. It is an experimental laboratory that enables participants to explore, define, and claim their individual performance style and narrative, without having to compromise critical aesthetic distance. Throughout the laboratory period, the participants are expected:- To discuss the socio-cultural politics surrounding and hindering the solo performer from performing the self;- To investigate into one’s personal creative process in performance;- To challenge conventional standards in order to authenticate one’s individual aesthetic preference and style; and- To devise performance pieces based on one’s intimate narratives or ideas.

The Personal Spectacle is designed for individuals who are seeking to explore and create independent solo work. At the same time, this laboratory can also be useful for those who are simply seeking to validate and strengthen their very own identity amidst the collaborative crop.

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