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"It was a weight on my chest as it was for the actors, creative staff, and the audience. If theater imitates life, these kinds of pieces are the truths about life."
-Kit Singson, Theater Artist & Photographer

"Congratulations for an organic, economical, sincere, brilliant performance of such a challenging material!""
-Opaline Santos, Actor

A Langgam Performance Troupe collaboration with visual and conceptual artist, Gary Ross-Pastrana.  Primarily Pastrana’s project while LPT served as a supporting collaborator to his investigation.

Properties was a commissioned work from Singapore Biennale. It was an investigation into the value of objects, that though they remain physically unchanged, their function, consumption, meaning and value (artistic and economic) are transformed.

Gary collaborated with LPT as stage designer for a one-night, free-of-charge, and invitation-only performance of Sarah Kane’s Cleansed. The play served as a prompt for Gary to create stage props, scenic backdrops, and costumes using the same considerations in terms of materiality and process that he employs in his own artistic practice. The stage props were later exhibited as visual objects at the Singapore Biennale (November 2019) with video documentation of the Cleansed performance shown side-by-side.  


Concept: Gary Ross-Pastrana

Stage Direction: Jenny Logico-Cruz

Production Management: Neli Go
Scenography: Gary Ross-Pastrana

Technical Direction: Blonski Cruz

Stage Management: Jacq Nacu-Garcia & Alekxandra Toyhacao

Casting Director: Joel Garcia

Lighting Design: James Vic Allen Pangan

Performance: October 3, 2019

Festival: Singapore Biennale 2019 (Properties with the documented performance of Cleansed)


Jaz Ayran

Rico del Rosario

Joem Montez Teope

Yvanne Evangelista



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