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Sana del Mundo (or Hopefully of the World)

"What an amazing experience... I need to have it again and again because the daily encounter made me realize how diffracted and distracted this time has made me. It would sink into the beautiful words/images/sounds and then be visited by tasks not done, ideas half-formed, etc."
-Dr. PA Skantze, Theater and Performance Professor at the University of Roehampton

"Thank you so much for this profound and unforgettable experience. I saw myself in it in more ways than one.
-Carlos Jr. Buendia, Architect/Theater Practitioner

Video Credit: Blonski Cruz

A mysterious traumatic event drives a woman to pursue complete isolation and abstraction of identity.Internally broken and gone, she abandons every piece of reality in her life - her profession, her ambitions, her kin, her deepest companions, her lovers, her beloveds, her household, her town, her peace, her mind. While her physical whereabouts are largely unknown these days, the only certain proof of activity and existence from her is her email account, which she uses to send strange emails to participating spectators every day, as well as private invitations to her more intimate, odd, and revealing spectacles online. 

Sana del Mundo (or Hopefully of the World)  is a performance piece that attempts to blur the reality between the virtual and the actual, the private and the public, the ephemeral and the permanent. Conducted within the span of 17 days, the piece allows us to follow and experience - in real time - the subtle arc of despairing events in a character's sub/consciousness.


Our heroine, Sana del Mundo, is primarily embodied and performed through an email account. For 17 days, the account sends subscribing spectators daily emails containing enigmatic journal writings, poems, and other bizarre ruminations that unravel the beginnings of her detached reality and the pinnacle of her lonely madness. Interspersed with these emails are also private invitations to peculiar spectacles of herself, thus giving spectators the opportunity to witness the evolution of her psychosis as it finally overspills onto her body. 


Her last invitation leads towards her cathartic end: a concluding spectacle that bids on the final resolution to exorcise her secret demons so as to recover, remember, repair, and reconcile every defeated particle of her sincere individualism - all in a forlorn attempt to become whole and concrete once more.   

Originally performed as a solo piece by Jenny Logico-Cruz, Sana del Mundo (or Hopefully of the World) first premiered in 2011 at Tamasha Theatre's online gallery, Small Lives, Global Ties. In the event of the global lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sana del Mundo returns to the online screen as a collaborative project by Langgam Performance Troupe. The piece exercises and experiments on the idea of the email account as a performance platform itself, as a character of its own. Sana del Mundo explores on the idea of the online space as a site of both isolation and belongingness - a paradox we are often burdened with in this age of the digital. 

Concept, Writing, & Direction: Jenny Logico-Cruz

Producer & Video Consultant: Blonski Cruz

Featured Artists:

Diana Aviado

Paolo Dumlao 

Joel Garcia

Mary Joyce Miranda

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