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Si Medea

"The fierce acting skills showcased by the leads, Jenny Logico­-Cruz and Alekxandra Toyhacao, really brought us into their world. The sudden shift of happiness to intense anger is just flawless. And the ensemble immersed every audience into the story. "

- EDnything

"Logico­-Cruz’s Madiya is eerie and haunting, the shifts subtle enough to make the character’s psychoses believable; the dismay and disgust, sadness and anger carefully imagined and melded together into one woman, still undefined but finally fathomable, and ready to go through the course of unraveling and becoming again and again. [...]You step out of Si Medea believing that it is Madiya’s blood that courses through your veins. That she could be – actually is – you. And you grapple with the range of her anger and cruelty, based on the depth of her convictions and her belief in love."

- Katrina Stuart Santiago, The Manila Times 

Photo Credit: Blonski Cruz & Agatha Albano

Si Medea was mounted as an exercise in translation and an experiment in alternating main actors. In this adaptation, the modern English text of Medea was translated into the local language to reflect a Filipino, and in a way more familiar, context to the original core and premise of the Greek narrative. In addition, two main actors alternated as each other’s Medea and Jason. Both wrote separate translations of the dialogues and monologues between the two principal characters in order to create two different interpretations of the same characters, and, ultimately, two alternating dimensions of the play, thereby departing from the traditional rehearsal experience of fitting two different actors into the same mold. Medea is reimagined in two versions: as a fierce and feared priestess in Madiya from pre-colonial Philippines, and as an interrupted young mother in Maida living in contemporary times.

Research and Development Period: January-May 2016 

Performance Period:  June- July 2016

Venue:  The Open Space, Makati, Philippines

Director: Blonski Cruz

Writers: Ian Lomongo, Jenny Logico-Cruz, & Alekxandra Toyhacao

Dramaturge: Jacq Nacu-Garcia

Production Managers: Dyan Tuble & Gaya dela Rosa 

Technical Director: Christienne Rodriguez

Scenographers: Blonski Cruz & Jenny Logico-Cruz

Stage Managers: Aliana Encarnacion & Kenneth Mangurit

Technical Consultant: Joey Mendoza


Jenny Logico-Cruz- Madiya/Jayson

Alekxandra Toyhacao- Yoson/ Maida

Mia Reonal Bolaños- Chorus/ Karon

Diana Aviado- Chorus/ Igayo

Katt Alyssa Beron- Chorus/ Alipin

Maia Puno- Chorus/ Guro/ Umalohokan

Joshua Ryan Nubla- Chorus/ Bata

Director's Note

Adaptation Notes

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