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Somewhere Else Instead

"Somewhere Else Instead opens a dimension where you can have a discourse with yourself... of where you are...of what state you are in... It expands the body and becomes a poetry of journey, an assessment to your (pseudo) reality and relationship to time and stairs."
-Rhon Kenneth Mercado, Artistic Director, Kislap Pana Kolektib .

"Somewhere Else Instead was a blob of beautiful that I could not quite grasp, but felt captured by, because the moment that I think I would catch a train of thought, some sort of structure of it, I am fooled by another tickle in the narrative."

- Alekxandra Toyhacao, Artist & Cultural Worker

Photo Credit: Blonski Cruz

Somewhere Else Instead (taken from a line of A.A. Milne’s poem, “Halfway Down”) is a movement piece that centers around the image, utility, and metaphorical significance of the staircase. Combining methods and exercises from site-specific theater, physical theater, durational performance, improvisation, conceptual and live installation art, this performance project conducts and incites an ensemble of five performers into an investigative process that uncovers the relevance, impact, and influence of the stairs from the architectural to the metaphysical.

Research & Development Period: May 2018- July 2019

Performance Period: August 2019-February 2020

Venues/Festivals: Pasinaya Festival (2018), Conspiracy Garden Cafe (August 2019), LBX Studio, Lipa City (October 2019), PARC Foundation (December 2019), Yuchengo Museum/ Fringe MNL (February 2020)  

Director: Jenny Logico-Cruz

Musical Director: Peter Paul Loteria Magat

Producer/ Director of Documentation: Blonski Cruz

Scenographer: Lawyn Cruz

Consultants: Ricardo Ledesma, Omar Bondad, & JP dela Rosa

Poster Design: Angel Frades 


Diana Aviado

Joel Garcia

Jacq Nacu-Garcia

Opaline Santos

J.A. Sarmogenes

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