The Art of Conversation

TTGIF or Thank Theater Gods It's Friday is a weekly online talk show where theater practitioners come together to talk about the topic we love the most: the theater. 

During this difficult and unprecedented period, theaters around the world have had to shut their curtains for an indefinite time. In return, however, the internet is now booming with the livestreams of both local and international shows. We at Langgam Performance Troupe are taking this as a cue to rest our performance-maker hat and instead put on our spectator lens.


Honest, critical, insightful, educational, and unfiltered, TTGIF serves as a dynamic and lively platform for practitioners to review fellow practitioners' work, while also aiming to encourage the public to view, receive and analyze theater differently.

Watch us on our FB page every Friday at 9pm.


LPT Podcast is a series of casual conversations between independent theater practitioners during the time of the COVID-19 crisis.  Because productions and activities are suspended due to the pandemic, we turn to the art of conversation-- the simplest and most manageable performance that we can do at this time--as our way of coping with, responding to, and making sense of the present new normla. 

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Poster Credit: Jacqueline Nacu-Garcia