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The Launch of Janus

Photo Credit: Kit Singson
Poster Credit: Angel Frades

The New Group is a provocative theater company known to controversially push the limits of theater and performance through the use of new and advanced technology. Apart from creating groundbreaking performances, the company works side-by-side with scientists and engineers in building state-of-the-art machineries that help elevate the theatrical experience, as well as partnering with businessmen in selling the technologies’ licenses to potential manufacturers. 


In this upcoming demonstration workshop, The New Group introduces us to their latest theater-tech invention poised to change the practice and landscape of acting and performance: The Janus. 


The Janus is a hi-tech theater mask designed to completely transform the actor into another character through the aid of cutting-edge science. By wearing the Janus, actors become liberated from their external and internal limitations as the mask is programmed to transmit electronic triggers that fully alters one’s facial expression, physical formation, and emotional/muscle memory needed for the desired character. The Janus serves as a powerful tool in aiding and expediting the actor’s artistic process, making it more effective than the usual workshop training. 


After a long R&D process and several iterations of The Janus, The New Group is now ready to launch this product to the public. The New Group would like to invite performing artists—young and old, amateur and professional—to THE LAUNCH OF JANUS as we demonstrate the endless possibilities of this new and exciting theater mask of the future.

THE LAUNCH OF JANUS was part of the 2019 Theater Bytes Festival hosted by The Ikarus Theater Collaborative. 


Research & Development Period: June-September  2019

Performance Period: September -October 2019

Venue: DITO: Bahay ng Sining

Directors: Jenny Logico-Cruz & Blonski Cruz

Writers:  Jenny Logico-Cruz & Blonski Cruz

Production Manager: Jay Crisostomo

Lighting Designer: James Vic Allen Pangan

Marketing Consultant: Kit Singson


Jaz Ayran- Investor

Andres Romeo- Artistic Director

Joel Garcia- Company Actor

Betty Uy-Regala- Company Actress

Jessa Espina- Apprentice

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