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THROWLINES THURSDAYS is an online scene study class hosted and facilitated by yours truly, the Langgam Performance Troupe. While it is impossible right now to get acting jobs due to the pandemic, this does not mean that our training for our craft should cease. 

Throwlines Thursdays functions as 1) a gym for actors in which we continue to flex, train, and strengthen our acting muscle while productions are on hiatus; and 2) a support study group for performers, directors, writers, and even theater enthusiasts who are interested to learn more about classical & contemporary dramatic scenes as we further fine-tune our analytical scene work skills. 

Classes are currently on break, and may resume in 2021.

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SCENES OF UNDERSTANDING is an online theater and drama course designed to deepen one's sense of empathy, or the ability to understand another person's situation and point-of-view that are completely different from ours. Utilizing theater and drama as the primary platforms to explore areas of empathy, this course will examine through selected dramatic works that present complex and challenging characters which will compell us to further analyze, acknowledge, listen, and validate their motivations, decisions, and thought processes. The course will also engage the participants with performance exercises that enhance one's capacity to understand and foster compassion, not only for chosen dramatic characters, but for the complexities of human nature at large.

Classes are currently on break, and may resume in 2021.

TUESDAY THEORIES is a monthly online crash course that reviews theories on theater, drama, and performance. Facilitated by LPT's Artistic Director, Jenny Logico-Cruz, this reading-intensive class introduces students to various philosophies, conceptual models, and manifestos in theatrical history that have informed and established many of the world’s performance practices. Students will be engaged in critical analysis, in-depth group discussions, and practical application of theories by learning how to devise creative productions based on curated theoretical frameworks and research processes.

Classes are currently on break and may resume in 2021. 

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